Organization Structure


Is a chair of the board that is selected among the board members. He/she is responsible for arranging and leading meetings.

 Executive secretary

Is a person who is responsible in writing minutes of all board meetings and keep records of all the matters which have been discussed The Foundation will comprise of the established board of members, which is led by the Chairperson of the board, the board is also comprised of the Secretary and other members. In addition, there will be an executive committee which will be consisting of seven members with a selected chairman, vice chairman, secretary, vice secretary, treasurer and other members. It is proposed the board members will exist for the period of four years, while the executive committee will last for four years. The new board and committee will consist of the few members belonging to the former members, usually two members in the meetings.


The person who is responsible for financial management of the foundation. He/she will be responsible to payments and recording transactions.



The chairperson will be the leader of the committee selected among the committee members. The chairperson will be responsible of organizing the meeting for members.


The committee secretary will be selected among the members and responsible for writing minutes and keeping records of the discussion until the next meeting.

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